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Top 10 Tea Companies in Sri Lanka 2024

Tea Companies in Sri LankaGreen Tea Plantation in sri lanka

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon, is famous for its high-quality tea production. The country has become a significant player in the tea industry with its favorable climate and fertile soil.

Here are the top 10 tea companies in Sri Lanka.

1. Dilmah Tea, known for its single-origin, unblended teas, leads the way.

2. Lipton, a household name worldwide, sources its tea from various estates nationwide.

3. Mlesna Tea offers various flavored teas catering to diverse palates.

4. Bogawantalawa Tea Estates produces specialty teas, including white, green, and oolong varieties.

5. Empire Tea prides itself on its sustainable farming practices and ethical production methods.

6. Ahmad Tea is renowned for its black teas, with a history dating back over a century.

7. Basilur Tea specializes in creating unique tea blends, often beautifully packaged as gifts.

8. Daelmans Tea has a range of teas, including herbal and fruit infusions.

9. Watawala Tea Ceylon produces teas that capture the essence of the country’s lush landscapes. 10. Akbar Tea offers a selection of carefully sourced and expertly crafted premium teas.

Latest update: February 13, 2024

These tea companies showcase the diversity and quality of Sri Lanka’s tea industry.

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Top 10 Tea Companies in Sri Lanka 2024

1. Dilmah Tea – Sri lanka Tea Brand

 Dilmah Tea - Sri lanka Tea Brand

Dilmah Tea is a renowned Sri Lankan brand that has gained global popularity. Established in 1974 by Merrill J. Fernando, the company prides itself on producing high-quality tea that is handpicked and ethically sourced from their tea gardens in Sri Lanka.

Dilmah Tea offers a wide range of tea varieties, including black, green, herbal, and flavored teas, catering to different tastes and health needs. What sets Dilmah Tea apart from other brands is its commitment to preserving the authenticity and purity of Ceylon tea. Unlike mass-produced teas, Dilmah Tea ensures that each cup is filled with the finest tea leaves, delivering a rich and distinctive flavor.

Moreover, the brand emphasizes sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices and supporting local communities. With their dedication to excellence and passion for tea, Dilmah has become a household name, satisfying millions of tea enthusiasts worldwide. Indulging in a cup of Dilmah tea is not just a treat for the taste buds but also an experience that showcases the unique flavors and heritage of Sri Lankan tea.

– History and Background

Dilmah Tea is a renowned brand established in 1988 by Merrill J. Fernando, a Sri Lankan tea planter. The company is now one of the top global tea brands known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. Dilmah Tea is a Single-origin Ceylon Tea grown and produced in Sri Lanka. This focus on a single source ensures their teas’ purity and unique flavor.

Dilmah is also a family-owned company, with Merrill’s sons, Dilhan and Malik, actively involved in the business. The company’s success can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to producing high-quality tea and its strong ethical values. Dilmah Tea is not just a beverage; it reflects tradition, authenticity, and the passion of generations.

– Range of Tea Varieties

Dilmah Tea offers various tea varieties, catering to every taste and preference. Whether you enjoy the bold and robust flavors of black tea or the delicate and fragrant notes of green tea, Dilmah has something for everyone. Their black tea selection includes classic blends like English Breakfast and Earl Grey and unique flavors like Moroccan Mint and Chai.

For those who prefer a lighter option, Dilmah offers a variety of green teas, including Jasmine Green Tea and Sencha Green Tea. They also have an array of herbal and fruit infusions, perfect for caffeine-free alternatives. With Dilmah Tea, you can explore different flavors and experiences, enhancing your tea-drinking journey. The range of tea varieties ensures that something suits every mood and occasion, making Dilmah a go-to brand for tea enthusiasts worldwide.

– Sustainability Practices

Dilmah Tea offers various tea varieties to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences. With over 40 different types of tea, Dilmah ensures something for everyone. Whether you prefer black, green, herbal, or flavored, Dilmah has it.

Their signature black tea blends come in various strengths and flavours, from the classic Ceylon Supreme to the bold English Breakfast. If you are a fan of green tea, you can indulge in the earthy and delicate flavors of their pure Green Tea or try their famous Moroccan Mint blend for a refreshing twist. Dilmah offers an array of caffeine-free teas for those seeking herbal options, including Chamomile, Peppermint, and Rooibos.

Additionally, they have a range of specialty teas like Earl Grey, Masala Chai, and Jasmine Green Tea, each with a unique taste and aroma. No matter your preference, Dilmah Tea ensures a delightful tea experience for tea enthusiasts worldwide.

– Awards and Recognition

Dilmah Tea has been consistently recognized and awarded for its exceptional quality and commitment to sustainability. The brand has received several prestigious accolades over the years, cementing its position as a leader in the tea industry. It has been awarded multiple times at the Great Taste Awards, known as the ‘Oscars’ of the food and drink world.

The Ethical Tea Partnership has also recognized Dilmah Tea for its dedication to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. In addition, the brand has received several green certifications, including Organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications, for its efforts to protect the environment and support local communities.

These awards and accreditations reflect Dilmah Tea’s unwavering commitment to delivering the finest tea while upholding ethical and sustainable values. As a result, Dilmah Tea has become a trusted and recognized global tea brand.

– Official Website and Contact Information

Dilmah Tea, renowned for its exceptional quality and taste, has an official website where tea enthusiasts can delve into the world of the finest teas. The official website provides a comprehensive overview of the brand, its rich heritage, and the wide variety of teas available. Visitors can explore different tea categories, such as black, green, herbal, and flavored.

The website also features an e-shop where customers can conveniently purchase their favorite teas and deliver them to their doorstep. Furthermore, the website maintains a blog section that offers fascinating insights into the art of tea-making, tea recipes, and the latest tea-related news and events. Additionally, for those seeking more information or wanting to get in touch with the brand, Dilmah Tea provides a dedicated contact page on their website.

Here, customers can find the brand’s contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, making it easy to connect with the tea experts at Dilmah. Experience the essence of pure Ceylon tea through Dilmah’s official website and explore a world of tea like no other.

2. Lipton Tea – Sri Lanka Tea Brand

lipton tea

Lipton Tea is a well-known brand of tea that originated in Sri Lanka. It is also known as Ceylon. Sri Lanka is known for producing some of the finest quality teas in the world, and Lipton takes full advantage of this. The brand’s tea is made from carefully selected tea leaves grown in the lush green tea plantations that cover the Sri Lankan hillsides. Lipton ensures their tea is of the utmost quality by blending Ceylon’s unique terrain, climate, and expertise. The tea leaves are handpicked and delicately processed to retain their natural flavors and aromas.

Lipton offers various flavors, from classic black tea to green tea and herbal infusions, catering to different preferences and health benefits. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, Lipton Tea continues to be a favorite choice for tea lovers worldwide, bringing the taste of Sri Lanka to teacups around the globe.

– Brand Overview Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea is a well-known brand providing high-quality tea products for over 125 years. It was founded in 1890 and has since become one of the leading global tea brands. Lipton offers many teas, including black, green, and herbal varieties, catering to different tastes and preferences. The brand is committed to sourcing tea leaves sustainably and aims to empower tea farmers through its Sustainable Agriculture code.

Lipton also strongly focuses on innovation and has introduced unique tea blends and flavors. The brand’s products are easily accessible and can be found in supermarkets and grocery stores worldwide. Lipton Tea has become a trusted and beloved brand among tea lovers globally with its rich history, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to providing exceptional tea.

– Tea Production Process 

Lipton Tea is a well-known brand of tea that millions of people worldwide have enjoyed for over a century. It was founded in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton, who envisioned bringing high-quality tea to the masses at an affordable price.

Today, Lipton Tea is one of the world’s most popular and widely recognized tea brands. They offer many tea products, including black, green, herbal, and iced tea. Lipton Tea is known for its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.

They work closely with tea farmers to ensure their teas are grown and harvested environmentally and socially responsibly. In addition, Lipton Tea is dedicated to supporting local communities and improving the lives of tea workers through various initiatives. With its rich history, diverse range of products, and commitment to sustainability, Lipton Tea continues to be a brand that tea lovers can trust and enjoy.

– Tea Blends and Flavors 

Lipton Tea offers various tea blends and flavors to suit every taste. From classic black tea to herbal infusions and green tea, there is something for everyone. Lipton’s black tea blends are known for their bold and robust flavors, perfect for those who enjoy a strong cup of tea.

For those looking for something a little lighter, Lipton offers a range of green tea flavors, including mint, citrus, and berry. These teas are refreshing and packed with antioxidants. Lipton also provides a selection of herbal infusions, such as chamomile and ginger, which are caffeine-free and soothing.

With so many options, Lipton Tea makes finding your perfect cup of tea easy. Whether you prefer the traditional warmth of black tea or the health benefits of green and herbal teas, Lipton has you covered.

– Social and Environmental Initiatives 

Lipton Tea, a well-known brand in the beverage industry, has been actively involved in various social and environmental initiatives. One of their key initiatives is their commitment to sourcing sustainable tea. Lipton Tea works closely with farmers worldwide, ensuring their tea is grown using responsible farming practices that protect the environment and support local communities.

They also prioritize workers’ well-being and fair treatment throughout their supply chain. In addition to its focus on sustainability, Lipton Tea is committed to improving the livelihoods of tea farmers and workers. They have initiated programs to provide education, healthcare, and access to clean drinking water in tea-growing regions.

Through these initiatives, Lipton Tea aims to positively impact the environment and the communities in which it operates. Their dedication to social and environmental responsibility sets them apart as a brand that cares about more than just profit.

– Where to Buy Lipton Tea

Lipton Tea has been actively involved in various social and environmental initiatives to promote sustainability and positively impact society. The company has set ambitious goals to reduce water consumption, carbon emissions, and waste across its supply chain.

Lipton Tea is committed to sourcing tea sustainably and supporting farmers in adopting responsible agricultural practices. Through the Lipton Foundation, the company has funded projects to improve the livelihoods of tea farmers and their communities, including access to education, healthcare, and clean water.

They have also partnered with organizations like Rainforest Alliance and the Ethical Tea Partnership to ensure that their tea is responsibly sourced and the ecosystems where it is grown are protected. Lipton Tea is dedicated to making a difference, not only in the quality of their tea but also in contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

3. Mlesna Tea – Sri Lanka Tea Brand

Mlesna Tea sri lanka tea brand

 Lipton Tea has been actively involved in several social and environmental initiatives. They have implemented various programs to improve the welfare of tea farmers and their communities. One of their major initiatives is Lipton’s Sustainable Tea Program. Through this program, Lipton works closely with tea farmers to promote sustainable agricultural practices, protect the environment, and ensure a better future for the tea industry.

They also collaborate with organizations like Rainforest Alliance to ensure their tea is sourced sustainably and responsibly. Lipton is committed to reducing their impact on the environment. They have set a target to reduce their carbon emissions and water usage across their supply chain. Additionally, Lipton is also focused on promoting ethical and fair trade practices.

They actively support programs that empower and improve the livelihoods of tea farmers, ensuring they receive fair wages and proper working conditions. Lipton’s social and environmental initiatives demonstrate their commitment to making a positive difference in the tea industry and the world.

– Company Background

Mlesna Tea is a Sri Lankan company specializing in producing and distributing high-quality tea. Established in 1983, the company has become renowned locally and internationally for its exceptional teas. Mlesna Tea sources its tea leaves from the fertile hills of Sri Lanka, where the perfect climate and rich soil contribute to its products’ superior taste and aroma.

The company is committed to sustainable practices and works closely with local farmers to ensure fair trade and environmental conservation. Mlesna Tea offers many teas, including black, green, white, and herbal varieties.

Each tea is carefully crafted using traditional methods and modern technology to deliver the finest quality to tea lovers worldwide. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Mlesna Tea continues to innovate and provide exceptional tea experiences to its loyal customers.

– Specialty Teas

Mlesna Tea is a brand that provides unique and flavorful specialty teas. With many options, Mlesna Tea offers something for every tea lover. From traditional blends like Earl Grey and English Breakfast to more exotic options like Jasmine Green Tea and Ceylon Green Tea, Mlesna Tea is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most delicious teas.

Each tea is carefully sourced and crafted to balance flavors and aromas perfectly. Mlesna Tea also offers a selection of herbal and fruit infusions, providing a caffeine-free alternative for those who prefer a soothing and refreshing beverage. Whether you are looking for a morning pick-me-up, a relaxing cuppa before bed, or a unique tea experience, Mlesna Tea is the perfect option. Discover the world of specialty teas with Mlesna Tea and indulge in its rich and diverse flavors.

– Tea Tasting Experiences

Mlesna Tea offers tea lovers a unique tasting experience with its wide range of high-quality teas. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to tea, Mlesna has something for everyone. Their exquisite selection includes black, green, white, and flavored teas, each carefully sourced from the finest tea gardens worldwide. The tea-tasting experience begins with the aroma, as the rich and enticing scents fill the air.

Next comes the taste, where you can savor the complex flavors and notes each tea offers. Mlesna Tea uses traditional methods to ensure that every cup is brewed to perfection, allowing you to appreciate the unique characteristics of each tea blend.

The knowledgeable staff is always on hand to guide you through the tasting process and provide recommendations based on your preferences. Whether you want to expand your tea collection or indulge in a delightful cup, Mlesna Tea guarantees an unforgettable tea-tasting experience.

– Tea Accessories and Gift Sets

Mlesna Tea offers a wide range of tea accessories and gift sets for enthusiasts. From teapots and cups to tea infusers and strainers, Mlesna has all the essentials to brew a perfect cup of tea. Their teapots are beautifully crafted with intricate designs, making them functional and stunning decorative pieces for any kitchen or tea room.

The tea gift sets are carefully curated to provide an exquisite tea experience, with various teas and accompanying accessories. These gift sets make the perfect present for any occasion, whether a birthday, anniversary, or showing someone you care. Mlesna Tea’s dedication to quality and attention to detail is evident in their tea accessories and gift sets, making them a must-have for tea lovers everywhere.

– Online Store and Shipping Information

Mlesna Tea is an online store that offers a wide range of high-quality teas. They have a user-friendly website where customers can easily navigate through different tea categories and make purchases. The online store provides detailed information about each tea variety, including its origin, flavor profile, and brewing instructions. They also offer various shipping options to ensure customers receive their teas promptly.

International shipping is available, allowing tea enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy Mlesna Tea’s exquisite blends. With their convenient online store and efficient shipping services, Mlesna Tea makes it easy for customers to explore and taste the finest teas from their homes.

4. Merril J. Fernando

Merril J. Fernando  

Merril J. Fernando is the founder and chairman of the renowned Sri Lankan tea brand Dilmah. Born in Sri Lanka, Fernando took over his father’s tea business in the 1950s. However, he was unsatisfied with the export-oriented business model, leaving the end consumer with an inferior product. Determined to create a high-quality, authentic tea experience, Fernando pioneered the concept of single-origin tea.

He focused on ethical sourcing and packaging the tea on-site, ensuring freshness and preserving the natural flavors. This innovative approach transformed the Sri Lankan tea industry and catapulted Dilmah to global recognition.

Today, the brand is synonymous with exceptional quality and sustainability. Merril J. Fernando’s dedication to traditional tea-making methods and his passion for social responsibility have made Dilmah a leading tea brand loved by enthusiasts worldwide.

– Founder’s Background

Merril J. Fernando, the founder of Dilmah Tea, has an impressive background in tea. Born in Sri Lanka, he developed a passion for tea at a young age. He entered the tea industry as a tea taster and quickly realized the potential for quality tea production in Sri Lanka. In the 1950s, Fernando recognized the importance of marketing tea under its country of origin and started Dilmah Tea in 1988.

Through his company, he introduced the concept of tea gardens and tea factories to the country. With a commitment to authenticity, integrity, and quality, Dilmah Tea has become a well-respected global tea brand. Merril J. Fernando’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his craft have made him a figurehead in the tea industry.

– Artisanal Tea Production

Merril J. Fernando is a renowned tea entrepreneur in Sri Lanka who has revolutionized the artisanal tea industry. With a passion for tea and a vision to promote the purest and finest tea experiences, he founded Dilmah Tea in 1988. Unlike mass-produced teas, Dilmah offers handpicked, single-origin, and natural teas that are carefully cultivated and processed to preserve their distinct flavors and aromas.

Merril J. Fernando ensures that every step of tea production follows sustainable and ethical practices, from growing and harvesting to packaging and distribution. This commitment to quality and authenticity has earned Dilmah Tea a global reputation as a premium artisanal brand. Merril J. Fernando’s pioneering efforts in the tea industry have elevated the appreciation for artisanal teas, supported local communities, and preserved the heritage of Ceylon tea.

– Signature Tea Collections

Merril J. Fernando, the founder of Dilmah Tea, created the Signature Tea Collections. With a passion for tea that runs deep in his veins, Fernando has dedicated his life to pursuing excellence in every cup. Each tea in the Signature Tea Collections is carefully crafted to showcase the unique flavors and aromas that can only be found in the finest Ceylon tea leaves.

From the classic Pure Ceylon Tea to the bold and exotic flavors of the Single Region Selection, there is a tea to suit every palate. Made with love and expertise, these teas result from Fernando’s unwavering commitment to quality and his desire to share the wonders of Ceylon tea with the world.

– Tea Tourism and Experiences

Tea tourism is a growing trend in the travel industry, allowing travelers to explore the world of tea production and experience new flavors and cultures. Merril J. Fernando, the founder of Dilmah Tea, has contributed significantly to this industry. With a deep passion for tea, Fernando has taken tea tourism to a new level by offering unique experiences to visitors.

At the MJF Centre in Sri Lanka, tourists can witness the entire tea-making process, from plucking the leaves to enjoying a freshly brewed cup. The center also offers cooking classes where visitors can incorporate tea into their culinary creations.

Fernando’s tea tourism initiatives aim to provide tourists with an unforgettable experience,  support the local tea communities, and promote sustainability in tea production. By blending education, culture, and tea, Fernando has created a genuinely enriching experience for enthusiasts and travelers.

– Contact Details for Inquiries Merril J. Fernando

For any inquiries, you can contact Merril J. Fernando by contacting the following details. To get in touch, you can email info@dilmahtea.com or call +94-111-482-2000. If you prefer to send a letter, you can mail it to Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company PLC. 111 Negombo Road, Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka.

 Please note that Mr. Fernando may take time to respond to your inquiry, so patience is advisable. Whether you have questions about the company, partnership opportunities, or any other queries, Mr. Fernando will be pleased to assist you. Feel free to use the provided contact details and expect a prompt and informative response from Merril J. Fernando.

5. Basilur Tea

Basilur Tea

Basilur Tea is a renowned Sri Lankan brand known for its exceptional quality and rich flavor. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, Basilur Tea is deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of Sri Lanka’s tea industry. The company prides itself on sourcing the finest Ceylon tea leaves from the lush hillsides of Sri Lanka and blending them with exquisite flavors and aromas to create a unique tea experience. From classic black teas to refreshing green teas and herbal infusions, Basilur Tea offers a wide range of products to cater to different tastes and preferences. Each cup of Basilur Tea is a testament to the artistry and dedication that goes into the tea-making process. Whether hot or iced, Basilur Tea promises an authentic taste of Sri Lanka’s tea heritage.

– Company Overview

Basilur Tea is a premium tea brand established in Sri Lanka in 2004. The company specializes in producing and packaging high-quality Ceylon tea. With a vision to provide a delightful tea experience, Basilur has curated a wide range of exceptional tea blends that cater to the discerning taste buds of tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Their teas are crafted with utmost care, selecting the finest tea leaves from the lush tea gardens of Sri Lanka. Basilur takes pride in ensuring that its teas are grown and processed sustainably while prioritizing the welfare of the tea growers and workers. The company has gained global recognition for its commitment to quality. It offers an extensive collection of black, green, herbal, and flavored teas, showcasing the diversity and richness of Sri Lanka’s tea culture.

– Ceylon Tea Factory

Ceylon Tea Factory Basilur Tea is widely regarded as one of the best tea brands in Sri Lanka. Founded in 2002, this tea factory has gained a reputation for producing high-quality tea blends that capture the essence of Ceylon tea. The brand offers various teas, including black, green, and herbal infusions, each with unique flavors and aromas. What sets Basilur Tea apart is its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

The tea leaves are carefully handpicked and processed to preserve their natural flavors and fragrances. The brand also takes pride in its eco-friendly packaging, using recycled and biodegradable materials. For tea connoisseurs looking to explore the authentic taste of Ceylon tea, Ceylon Tea Factory Basilur Tea is the go-to choice.

– Tea Product Range

Basilur Tea offers diverse products catering to every tea lover’s taste and preference. With a wide selection of flavors and varieties, Basilur Tea ensures that there is something for everyone. Their product range includes black, green, flavored, herbal infusions, and specialty teas.

Each tea is carefully crafted using premium ingredients from various parts of the world to deliver a delightful and refreshing tea experience. Whether you enjoy classic Earl Grey or prefer the exotic flavours of their fruit infusions, Basilur Tea has it all.

Their teas come in beautifully designed and eco-friendly packaging, making them perfect for gifting or treating yourself. From traditional blends to innovative creations, Basilur Tea aims to provide a tea experience that is unique and enjoyable for tea enthusiasts worldwide.

– Tea Packaging and Design Basilur Tea

Basilur Tea offers unique and visually appealing packaging and design for their teas. The packaging of their tea products is intricately detailed, making it stand out on the shelves. Each individually wrapped teabag is beautifully crafted with vibrant colours and designs that symbolize the different flavours and blends of their teas.

Basilur Tea’s packaging protects the tea and is a work of art that adds value to the tea-drinking experience. Their packaging design captures the essence of nature, using images of flowers, landscapes, and traditional patterns, giving off a feeling of serenity and tranquillity. The taste of their captivating teas and the aesthetic appeal of Basilur Tea’s packaging entice tea enthusiasts to try their products.

– International Distributors

Basilur Tea has successfully expanded its distribution network worldwide through international distributors. These distributors are critical in ensuring that Basilur Tea products are available in various countries and regions. They import and distribute Basilur Tea to local retailers and enthusiasts, making it easily accessible to a broad customer base.

With the help of these international distributors, Basilur Tea has reached markets in different parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. They bring valuable expertise in understanding the local market and cultural preferences, allowing Basilur Tea to adapt and cater to consumers’ diverse tastes and preferences worldwide.

This widespread distribution network has helped Basilur Tea establish a robust global presence and become a trusted brand among tea lovers internationally.

6. Zesta Tea Company

Zesta Tea Company

Zesta Tea Company is a renowned tea producer and distributor in Sri Lanka. The company was established in 1995 to provide high-quality and authentic Ceylon tea to consumers worldwide. Zesta Tea Company is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. They source their tea leaves from their tea gardens in the picturesque hills of Sri Lanka, ensuring that only the finest tea leaves are used in their products.

The company offers a wide range of teas, including black, green, and herbal teas, each carefully crafted to provide a unique flavor and aroma. Zesta Tea Company takes pride in its stringent quality control measures, ensuring every sip delivers the perfect balance of taste and quality. With a strong reputation for excellence, Zesta Tea Company continues to delight tea lovers worldwide with its exquisite teas.

– Introduction to the  Zesta Tea Company

Zesta Tea Company is a well-known and established tea brand providing high-quality tea products for over a decade. Zesta Tea Company has become a favourite among tea lovers worldwide with a wide range of flavours and blends. The company prides itself on sourcing the finest tea leaves from various tea gardens, ensuring that customers enjoy a rich and flavorful cup of tea every time.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Zesta Tea Company prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. They work closely with tea growers and communities to support fair trade and create a positive impact on the environment. Whether a soothing cup of green tea or an energizing black tea, Zesta Tea Company offers a delightful tea experience that customers can rely on.

– Tea Gardens and Plantations

Zesta Tea Company is known for its beautiful tea gardens and plantations in several regions. These gardens are meticulously maintained to ensure the growth of high-quality tea leaves. The company believes in producing tea that delivers an excellent taste and provides various health benefits. The tea gardens are in picturesque locations, surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes.

The plantation workers, with expertise in tea plucking, take great care in hand-selecting the best tea leaves. Zesta Tea Company is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, ensuring that their tea gardens are a haven for wildlife and preserve the natural habitat. Visitors to these tea gardens are greeted with a serene and peaceful atmosphere, offering a unique experience that perfectly blends nature and tea.

– Tea Collection and Blends

Zesta Tea Company offers a comprehensive tea collection that includes a variety of blends catering to different preferences and tastes. With expertise in sourcing the finest tea leaves from around the world, Zesta Tea Company takes pride in delivering high-quality teas rich in flavour and aroma. Whether you prefer black, green, white, or herbal teas, Zesta has a blend for every tea enthusiast.

The company’s diverse collection includes classic blends like Earl Grey and English Breakfast and unique blends like Moroccan Mint and Tropical Paradise. Each blend is carefully curated to ensure a delightful and satisfying tea experience. Zesta Tea Company’s commitment to excellence extends from its sourcing process to its packaging, providing that every sip is of the highest standard. Whether starting your day with a cup of morning tea or winding down with a soothing herbal blend, Zesta Tea Company has you covered.

– Quality Assurance Zesta Tea

Zesta Tea Company takes quality assurance very seriously. As a renowned tea brand, they understand the importance of consistently delivering the best products to their customers. They have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance process throughout their production cycle to achieve this. It starts with rigorous testing of raw tea leaves to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Zesta Tea Company also regularly inspects its manufacturing facilities to maintain cleanliness and adherence to quality control measures. They have a team of experienced professionals who meticulously assess the teas’ taste, aroma, color, and overall quality before they are packaged and distributed.

Additionally, Zesta Tea Company prioritizes customer feedback, actively seeking input to continuously improve its teas. With their unwavering commitment to quality assurance, Zesta Tea Company aims to provide delightful tea experiences that satisfy their customers’ palates and ensure their loyalty.

– Customer Support and Feedback 

Customer support is crucial to any business, and Zesta Tea Company understands its significance. The company emphasizes providing excellent customer service and support to its clients. They have a well-trained and friendly customer support team that is always ready to assist customers with queries or concerns. Whether through phone calls( +94 114 702 400), emails, or live chat, Zesta Tea Company ensures its customers receive prompt and efficient support. Moreover, the company values customer feedback and actively encourages customers to share their thoughts and opinions.

By listening to its customers, Zesta Tea Company can continually improve its products and services to meet its customers’ needs and preferences. This commitment to customer support and feedback has helped Zesta Tea Company build a loyal customer base and maintain high customer satisfaction.

7. Impra Tea – Sri Lanka Tea Brand

Impra Tea - Sri lanka Tea Brand

Impra Tea is a prominent tea brand from Sri Lanka, known for its high-quality and authentic Ceylon tea. With a rich heritage of over 30 years, Impra Tea has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The brand sources its tea leaves from the lush, fertile tea gardens situated in the picturesque hills of Sri Lanka. Experienced tea pluckers carefully handpick each batch of tea to ensure only the finest leaves make it into the production process.

Impra Tea offers various tea varieties, catering to diverse palates and preferences. From the refreshing taste of black tea to the soothing flavors of green tea, Impra Tea has something for everyone.

The brand is committed to delivering a delightful tea-drinking experience by upholding stringent quality standards throughout manufacturing. Impra Tea takes pride in its sustainable and ethical practices, promoting environmental conservation and fair treatment of tea workers. With its superior taste and moral values, Impra Tea continues to be a popular choice among tea enthusiasts worldwide.

– Company History Impra Tea

Impra Tea has a rich history dates back to 1917 when the company was first established in Sri Lanka. It started as a small family-owned business but quickly grew to become one of the leading tea producers in the country. Over the years, Impra Tea has focused on maintaining the highest quality and sustainability standards in its production process.

The company sources the finest tea leaves from its lush gardens and carefully processes them to retain their natural flavors and aromas. Impra Tea has also embraced innovation, continuously introducing new blends and flavors to cater to the changing preferences of tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, Impra Tea exports its premium teas to over 50 countries around the globe. Despite its global success, Impra Tea remains committed to its roots, actively supporting local communities and investing in sustainable farming practices. With its long-standing heritage and dedication to quality, Impra Tea delivers exceptional tea experiences worldwide to tea lovers.

– Tea Estates and Gardens

Impra Tea is renowned for its exquisite tea estates and gardens. With a history of over a century, these tea estates have become iconic landmarks in the region. Nestled amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, Impra Tea’s gardens provide the perfect setting for the cultivation of premium-quality tea. Meticulously tended to by skilled workers, these gardens boast various tea plants that thrive in the unique climate and soil conditions.

The tea leaves are carefully handpicked at the peak of their flavour, ensuring a rich aroma and distinct taste in every cup. Impra Tea’s commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices is evident in its pristine surroundings and the quality of its tea. Not only do they prioritize the welfare of their workers, but they also actively contribute to the preservation of the environment.

As a result, Impra Tea has garnered a loyal following of tea connoisseurs who appreciate the brand’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

– Tea Packaging and Presentation Impra Tea

Impra Tea takes its tea packaging and presentation seriously, ensuring that every aspect of its product reflects the high quality of its tea. Their sleek and minimalist packaging showcases their tea leaves’ vibrant colors and textures. Each tea bag is individually wrapped in a high-quality foil pouch to preserve freshness and flavor. The boxes are elegantly designed with embossed gold detailing, giving a luxurious and premium feel. The presentation of the tea itself is equally impressive.

The tea leaves are carefully selected and handpicked from the finest tea gardens worldwide, resulting in a rich and aromatic brew. Impra Tea offers various flavours and blends, from classic black tea to exotic herbal infusions, ensuring that something suits every palate. Whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift, the impeccable packaging and presentation of Impra Tea make it a truly delightful tea experience.

– Tea for Health and Wellness

Tea has been recognized for its health benefits for centuries, and Impra Tea is no exception. Packed with antioxidants, this tea is a delicious and effective way to boost your overall well-being. The antioxidants found in Impra Tea help to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, reducing the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. Impra Tea also contains theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. This makes it the perfect choice for unwinding after a long day.

Additionally, Impra Tea has been shown to improve digestion and boost the immune system. With its refreshing taste and impressive health benefits, Impra Tea is ideal for those prioritizing health and well-being. So why not pour yourself a cup and start reaping the benefits of Impra Tea today?

– FAQs and Contact Information Impra Tea

If you have questions or concerns about Impra Tea, you can find answers to frequently asked questions on our website. We have compiled a list of common inquiries and their corresponding answers to provide quick and easy access to information.

You can contact us directly if you cannot find the information you seek. Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you with any queries. You can contact us via email, phone, or the contact form on our website. We strive to provide prompt and helpful responses to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services. Your feedback is valuable to us, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with any issues or questions regarding Impra Tea.

8. Akbar Brothers

Akbar Brothers 

Akbar Brothers is a well-known tea brand from Sri Lanka. Established in 1864, the company has a long-standing history of producing high-quality tea. Sri Lanka, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is famous for its tea plantations. Akbar Brothers uses this rich heritage and sources its tea from the finest estates nationwide. They offer various teas, including black, green, white, and herbal blends.

Committed to excellence, they ensure that only the freshest leaves are handpicked and processed to maintain the natural flavours and aromas. The brand is known for its strict quality control measures, ensuring every cup of tea delivers a consistent and delightful experience. Akbar Brothers also takes pride in its sustainable practices, supporting local communities and investing in eco-friendly processes.

Moreover, their commitment to fair trade practices has earned them certifications from various organizations. With a global presence in over 90 countries, Akbar Brothers has gained a loyal following of tea lovers worldwide. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends, their teas provide relaxation and enjoyment, capturing the essence of Sri Lanka’s tea culture.

– Family Legacy Akbar Brothers

Akbar Brothers is a renowned family legacy in the tea industry passed down through generations. Established in 1864 in Sri Lanka, this family-owned business has grown to become one of the largest tea exporters in the world.

The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has allowed it to thrive and maintain its prestigious reputation. Akbar Brothers sources its tea leaves directly from its tea gardens and also from carefully selected estates across the globe. This ensures that only the finest tea is produced and delivered to customers.

The family’s dedication to the art of tea blending and their expertise in creating unique flavors has set them apart from their competitors. Akbar Brothers’ tea brands are enjoyed by tea enthusiasts in over 100 countries, making them a global leader in the industry. With their rich family heritage and unwavering commitment to excellence, Akbar Brothers is poised to continue their legacy for many generations.

– Tea Auctions and Sourcing

Tea auctions are a traditional method used for sourcing tea, and Akbar Brothers is a renowned player in this industry. With their headquarters in Sri Lanka, they have been sourcing and auctioning tea to cater to the global demand. Their expertise lies in selecting the finest teas from various regions and blending them to create unique flavours. The tea auction process involves buyers physically inspecting and tasting the teas before placing their bids.

Akbar Brothers ensures their teas meet the highest quality standards and are sourced from sustainable and ethical practices. They work closely with local tea plantation owners and farmers to maintain consistent supply and fair pricing. Through tea auctions and their sourcing practices, Akbar Brothers have gained a reputation for providing premium quality teas to tea enthusiasts worldwide.

– Specialty Tea Collections

Speciality Tea Collections by Akbar Brothers offers a delightful array of teas catering to tea enthusiasts’ diverse taste preferences. Known for their commitment to quality, Akbar Brothers source the finest tea leaves worldwide, ensuring a premium drinking experience. Their collection provides something for everyone with a wide range of options, including black, green, white, oolong, and herbal teas.

From the bold and robust flavours of Darjeeling and Assam to the delicate and soothing taste of chamomile and peppermint, Akbar Brothers offers a tea for every mood and occasion. Each tea is carefully crafted to provide a unique experience, enveloping the drinker in a world of aromatic bliss. Savour the richness of flavour and indulge in the luxurious assortment of teas Akbar Brothers offers.

– Private Label Services

Private Label Services Akbar Brothers is a leading tea company based in Sri Lanka that offers personal label services to clients worldwide. With over 150 years of experience in the tea industry, they have established a strong reputation for producing high-quality teas. Their private label services allow clients to create unique tea blends tailored to their tastes and preferences.

From selecting the finest tea leaves to packaging and branding, Akbar Brothers ensures that every aspect of the private-label tea production process is of the highest standard. They work closely with their clients to understand their vision and requirements, providing expert advice and guidance.

Akbar Brothers also offers various packaging options, including tea bags, loose tea, and speciality boxes, allowing clients to create unique and attractive products. With their commitment to quality and excellence, Private Label Services Akbar Brothers is the ideal choice for clients looking to create branded tea products.

– Global Distribution Network

Akbar Brothers is a leading Sri Lankan tea exporter with a well-established global distribution network. With a history of over 150 years, the company has built strong relationships with tea estates across Sri Lanka and other tea-producing regions worldwide. This vast network allows them to ensure the sourcing of high-quality teas that meet the expectations of their customers.

Through their global distribution network, Akbar Brothers delivers their teas to over 90 countries, catering to many clients, including hotels, restaurants, retailers, and tea enthusiasts. Their distribution channels are strategically positioned to deliver their teas efficiently and promptly, ensuring the freshness and quality of their products.

With a commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices, Akbar Brothers distributes exceptional teas and promotes ethical sourcing and environmentally responsible practices throughout their global network.

9. Udawatte Kele Tea Company

Udawatte Kele Tea Company is a well-known tea brand in Sri Lanka that produces high-quality Ceylon tea. Located in the picturesque town of Kandy, this family-owned company has been in the tea business for over five decades. The tea leaves are handpicked from their gardens, ensuring freshness and authenticity.

The company is committed to sustainable and organic practices, using traditional methods to grow and process their tea. The result is a range of exquisite teas with rich flavors and aromas that have won numerous awards and accolades. Udawatte Kele Tea Company offers various teas, including black, green, white, and herbal.

They also provide personalized tea tours where visitors can learn about the tea-making process, explore the tea gardens, and enjoy freshly brewed tea. With its commitment to quality and sustainability, Udawatte Kele Tea Company has established itself as a reputable and trusted brand locally and internationally.

10. Anverally & Sons Pvt Ltd  Tea Exportorters in Sri Lanka

Anverally & Sons Pvt Ltd is a leading tea exporter in Sri Lanka. With a rich history spanning over 150 years, the company is renowned for its premium quality tea. They have built a strong reputation for their commitment to producing and exporting only the finest Ceylon tea.

ANVERALLY & SONS PVT LTD source their tea from the lush tea gardens of Sri Lanka, where the ideal climate and fertile soil contribute to their tea’s exceptional flavour and aroma. They have many tea varieties to cater to different preferences, including black, green, white, and herbal tea. The company’s tea is meticulously processed and packaged to ensure freshness and superior quality.

ANVERALLY & SONS PVT LTD has successfully established itself as a trusted global tea exporter, supplying tea to significant markets worldwide. They take pride in their commitment to providing customers with the finest tea experience, making them a preferred choice for tea connoisseurs worldwide.

11. Heritage Teas Private Limited – Tea Company in Sri Lanka

11. Heritage Teas Private Limited - Tea Company in Sri Lanka

Heritage Teas Pvt Ltd is a renowned tea company based in Sri Lanka. With a rich history rooted in the island’s tea plantations, this company has become synonymous with quality and authenticity in the world of tea. Their teas are carefully cultivated using traditional methods, ensuring every cup has the distinct flavors and aromas that make Ceylon tea unique.

The company takes great pride in their sustainability practices, promoting organic farming and responsible sourcing of its tea leaves. They work closely with local farmers and communities, providing fair wages and supporting their development.

Heritage Teas Pvt Ltd offers various tea varieties, from classic black teas to unique blends, such as their signature green tea infused with delicate jasmine petals. Each tea is meticulously crafted and packaged to preserve its freshness and character. As a result, Heritage Teas Pvt Ltd has gained a loyal following of tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide who appreciate the genuine taste and heritage behind every cup.

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